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What drives us

Dangschat T.O.H. GmbH & Co. KG has its roots in the traditional Hamburg service enterprises Dangschat GmbH and Transozeanische Handels GmbH (TOH), which date back to 1950.

As a long-established Hamburg-based family business, we feel bound by the Hanseatic merchant tradition and are rewarded for this by long-standing, stable customer and supplier relationships in over 40 countries.

We follow the principles of the honorable merchant.

Based on our past, we specialize in Latin America. We also have substantial business in the Middle East, Africa, and Northern and Southern Europe. We support our clients in their native language, either directly or through our local partners.

Quality awareness, service and customer proximity are essential pillars of our success story.

Who we are

Our dynamic team consists of over 20 employees: purchasing, sales, distribution and logistics specialists. We benefit from over 70 years of experience in international trade and combine traditional values with an openness to trends and further developments. We are"always ready!"

What is particularly important to all of us:

  • Absolute customer orientation
  • Integrity and commitment in collaboration
  • Friendliness and open-mindedness in tone
  • Innovativeness and determination to find solutions

Our informal working atmosphere encourages an innovative work culture. We enjoy rising to challenges, trying out new approaches and learning together from any failures. This enables us to continuously develop our skills and improve our services.

We sail with the prevailing wind, but set the sails ourselves.

Our values

We don't keep our distance, but stay by your side.

Test it out right away. We look forward to your inquiry.

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The only way to do great work is to love it.

How we became what we are

As a family-run business, the Metelmann family's business activities date back to 1881. Starting his career in the sugar trade and manufacturing company Gerike, Bahr & Co., Herbert Metelmann founded Transozeanische Handels GmbH (T.O.H.) in 1950, thus creating a valuable addition to the existing business by also supplying food additives, oils, greases and chemicals, as well as his own sugar, to his customers over three generations. During this time, the company also maintained business relationships with other traditional trading houses, such as the prestigious Hamburg exporter DANGSCHAT, which specialized in pharmaceutical raw materials and additives.

After many years of successful cooperation and due to complementary business areas, it was decided to merge the activities of the two companies as Dangschat T.O.H. GmbH & Co. KG.

"Our permanent presence deepens relationships and allows quick access to opportunities as they arise."

Sharon Wang, Office Management Qingdao