Value-based from the beginning

More than 70 years of expertise
and satisfied customers in over 50 countries

Why we are capable of more

We don't just transport goods from A to B; we think along your entire supply chain. It's not the size of the company that's decisive, but the project. Our expertise allows us to deliver vendor solutions individually tailored to you, to tap into markets, to jointly develop markets and to face new challenges together. Challenge us!

The efficient, sustainable and conscious use of resources is our priority. With our individually customizable supply chain planning and optimization strategy, we contribute to optimal resource utilization while reducing your energy, logistics and storage costs.

As a general rule, we implement your wishes. Without any compromises.

We control and monitor all logistics activities along the production process in a customized and needs-based manner. Procurement, production, transport, storage, provision, distribution and disposal. You benefit from our external connections in the transport sector and our logistics expertise.

We aim to provide you with your required product and complementary products in the quantity and quality you need, at the right time and in the right place. And at lower costs and with all the information you need.

We know what we are doing. We enjoy what we do. And we are good at it!

What we offer you – a focus on your business

Our international team offers you more than expertise; it offers passion. We follow market developments, anticipate trends, keep track of changes in international trade law, attend trade fairs and are involved in various trade and professional associations. We offer you linguistic support in all trade matters and assist you with legal issues and with financing and hedging matters. From A to Z.

We ensure smooth communication and documentation in the most important trade languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. On request, we can assist you with business trips to customers and suppliers or offer you direct access to local markets through local representatives.

We are well known and enjoy recognition and a good credit standing among our international partners. Benefit from this!

Inventory management
We complement your materials management with our warehousing solutions
Export documentation
Whether digitally or on paper, we take care of legal matters and the small print
We support you with advance payments, hedging, bridging loans and more
Products, processes, procedures, guidelines and management: we check your export readiness
Order picking
Individually and according to your wishes from the manufacturer or warehouse to you
Punctually and reliably by sea, air, road or rail

We sail with the prevailing wind, but set the sails ourselves.

Our local experts are there to provide you with targeted and competent advice.

+49 40 307087-0

Sustainability – how we take responsibility

We work sustainably – from production to transport.

Our business activities are characterized by high quality, environmental compatibility and social responsibility: All suppliers, producers and service providers are subjected to our quality inspection and are selected according to product and work quality as well as organizational standards. By constantly monitoring the order and handling process, we are able to intervene at any time in order to take corrective action if necessary.

Quality is the result of diligence and reliability combined with a high degree of flexibility.

Who certifies us

Our certified quality management is geared toward achieving the best for you. In this context, we focus on absolute quality control from the very beginning and constantly optimize our mix of trust and respectful control:

  • Trust in a variety of worldwide origins and purchasing options
  • Trust in stable and cooperative supplier relationships
  • Trust through transparency with respect to our manufacturers and certifications
  • Regular monitoring through personal visits and audits of our manufacturers directly on site
  • Constant monitoring of our processes for improvement potential
ISO 9001:2015 (PDF) Bio-Zertifikat (PDF) HACCP GMP+