Dangschat T.O.H.

High job satisfaction and low fluctuation

Spirit, fairness, appreciation

We want the people who work for us to feel happy. That's why we do everything we can to create a pleasant working environment: a safe workplace, good pay for good performance and respectful, appreciative interaction.

Common goals forge a good team spirit.

We are DTOH – what the team says

We are ...specialists ...a team ...a great group ...and modern Hanseatic people.
We are friendly, enthusiastic, reliable and informal, and we enjoy our work.

Yannik Heidtman
"I am in contact with people from all over the world every day. Some of them have become my friends."

Yannik Heidtmann, Logistics
Thi Tran
"Hamburg merchants still have a reputation for being reliable and honorable trading partners. I enjoy living up to this reputation every day."

Thi Tran, Logistics/Sales Assistant
Vorname, Name
"If you look forward to your work and your colleagues in the morning, you've done everything right, haven't you?""

Jinjin Gunawan, Purchasing Manager

Don't take too long: If you have any questions about career opportunities, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Every beginning is magical.

What we offer you

Our offices are modern, well equipped and located in the center of Hamburg. Our team gets tickets for public transport, company bicycles and company cars.

Our company organization is highly flexible, enabling us to respond to individual wishes in terms of working hours, home working, holidays and areas of work. If you are curious about new tasks, would like the opportunity to take interesting business trips and wish to meet exciting people, then we look forward to hearing from you. If you can, want to and think you would fit into our team, then drop us a line or simply give us a call.

How to become part of the team

Our application process is simple, fast and transparent. We are in Hamburg, and there's no place for empty talk. Transparency is important to us and we expect it right from the start: We'd rather have a big gap than a small lie.